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pagi semua… kali ini saya akan menulis sebuah artikel yang membahas tentang toko bahan kue yang ada di sekitar kota surabaya. memang sih.. di surabaya banyak sekali toko sejenis ini, tapi kan banyak juga diantara kita yang belum tahu dimana…


ada yang butuh indormasi harga mobil bekas khusus avabza dari tahun 2011 dapat dilihat di sini. Kemarin ada orang ke sekolah yang menawarkan mobil bekas, katanya avanza keluaran 2008 jadi saya cari referensi harga untuk mobil bekas toyota avanza,

Dore Program

The Dore Program is a controversial interventive treatment program for children who have learning disabilities such as Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), Asperger’s Syndrome, and other behavioral/learning problems. Developed and pioneered by Wynford Dore in the UK, the program does not teach how to accomplish tasks, but teaches how to learn to accomplish them by reprogramming the cerebellum through a system of exercises. Dore was an successful entrepreneur in the paint business, and he developed the program by applying the skills that made him a successful entrepreneur toward overcoming the learning disabilities of his own daughter.

The program claims to help people with the above conditions, but do most of us really understand what having these conditions means? Dyslexia may be the brain disorder that is most familiar to the public. With this condition, the spacial mapping analyzing circuits inside the brain are not able to tell left from right, or, in some cases, up from down. With the dyslexic, what is clearly the letter “d” may be misinterpreted as the mirror image letter “b.” When writing the letter “s”, the dyslexic can have an extremely difficult time determining if it should start at the top and curl to the left on the way down, or curl to the right. The program claims to help the dyslexic by improving cerebellum efficiency by exercises.

In fact, the exercises are the common denominator between all the disorders when it comes to treatment, and the program claims to operate by improving the efficiency of the cerebellum. So what is the cerebellum? It’s an important part of the brain involved in the coordination and timing of motor control, cognitive functions that include attention, language, and motor-sensory learning.

Dyspraxia is a motor skills developmental disorder that manifests as poor coordination, or clumsy behavior. Simple tasks become extraordinarily difficult, such as tying shoe laces, writing, or sewing. Tossing a Frisbee or any activity requiring good balance would also be affected. Other symptoms exists, depending on the severity of the condition, and the affected skills can develop, but will take longer than usual. The program claims help Dyspraxia by improving the efficiency of the cerebellum through a system of exercises.

Asperger’s Syndrome has been likened to having a mild case of autism, and is in fact considered a form of autism. People with Asperger’s frequently do not understand proper social interaction. This can lead to withdrawal and avoiding circumstances where people with normal social interaction would not be afraid to participate. Reception and comprehension of non-verbal clues is one of the biggest problems with Asperger’s. The program claims to improve cerebellum efficiency.